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Grimoldby School


Grimoldby school stationery.jpg

Grimoldby Primary School branding

Your brand is your identity, if it looks 'old fashioned' then what does that say about your company, organisation or school? You don't have to completely reinvent the wheel - we can make tweaks to your logo, ident or brand identity to ensure you remain current, competitive and - more essentially - clearly understood. A strong brand can increase interest, loyalty and interaction... We can help you assess your brand and offer informative feedback. Give us a call to discuss your options!

School Brochure | Prospectus

Grimoldby school folder out.jpg

Grimoldby Primary School Folder | Prospectus

How relevant is your current prospectus? Does it communicate what you are currently teaching? Is your new technology or new department featured?

A good prospectus should represent your core values which cannot be conveyed through a templated 'one size fits all' generic design... In Sync Design always look at the unique selling points of each school and strive to create a prospectus - working with the school staff and pupils - to ensure the end result captures the character and personality of your establishment.

We can offer advice on how your current prospectus can be improved. Give us a call to discuss your ideas and requirements!

School Folder & Leaflets

Grimoldby school folder in.jpg

Grimoldby Primary School Leaflet | Insert

For information subject to frequent changes or updates, a leaflet insert is ideal. You only produce as many as you need so you don't have to destroy costly marketing and can easily replace and update at minimal expense.


For more information and ideas on cost-effective marketing, give us a call to discuss your individual needs!

School Signage

Grimoldby school signage 1.jpg

Grimoldby Primary School Signage & Way-Finding

Signage is essential for schools... For pupils, staff, visitors and visiting external services.

Have a look at the before and after examples above and below to see how the face of the school is quite literally changed.


In Sync Design will visit your premises to ensure all angles are covered from the perspective of all audiences. We will take images and measurements and provide you with 'before and after' images so that you can clearly visualise your new signage before production takes place. These can also be used very persuasively when applying for planning permission.


For more information and ideas on cost-effective signage, give us a call to discuss your way-finding requirements!

Grimoldby school signage 2.jpg
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