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Fairburns British Blue Eggs

Right: Branding created for

Fairburns new range of blue eggs.

Fairburn logo.jpg

British Blue branding

Fairburn business cards.jpg

Left: Business cards designed for Fairburns new range of blue eggs. Although the shells are blue, the egg contents are exactly (eggsactly?!) as you would expect (eggspect?!)

Promotional leaflet

Fairburn leaflet front case study.jpg

Right & below: The A4 folded to DL

(third A4) designed for Fairburns to give or

send out to prospective customers and retailers

around the country and even further afield.

Fairburn leaflet inside case study.jpg

Exhibition Display Back Drop

Right: A large exhibition display offers real impact in an exhibition or promotional environment where it can form the background to demonstrations etc.

Fairburn display.jpg
Fairburn banners.jpg

Left: Smaller pop-up displays also offer an ideal pull to potential customers at exhibitions or in a promotional environment. These can also be used more 'locally' in your own office and reception area ~ announcing new products or features to both customers and your internal stakeholders, ensuring the whole team are on board with what is happening in your business or organisation.

Aprons / corporate clothing

Right: Branded aprons, sweat-shirts, shirts, jumpers, hats, coats... you name it ~ we can put your name on it!!


Have a look at our products page for more examples of just a few of the items we have produced for our lovely clients. If you have an idea but have never seen it in reality, give us a call to discuss the possibilities.

Fairburn aprons.jpg
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