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Software training

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Photoshop training - for any level

Isn't it frustrating when you have the perfect photograph - except for... one person blinking, red-eye, an unfortunately positioned lamp in the background - looking as though it's a comedy hat on the bridegroom... We've seen it all and airbrushed and tweaked more images than we have had hot dinners!


Knowing you could improve an image quite easily using a variety of software applications does not help unless you know how to


use the tools to your best ability...


The variety and complexity of the tools in software such as Photoshop can be daunting - even for us at times!


Through experience and working with clients and students, we have perfected the art of simplifying the use of Photoshop so that everyone is able to build on their new found skills and become confident and proficient when making alterations to digital photographs and images.


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InDesign training - for any level

Adobe InDesign allows you to create effective page layouts for print & digital publishing.


InDesign works seamlessly with other Adobe products such as Photoshop, Dreamweaver, Illustrator and Lightroom which enables you to quickly produce dynamic and creative work


limited only by your imagination...


Learn to design professional documents, from single page leaflets to brochures and books. The course covers most major InDesign features such as working with page layout, grids, columns and master pages to streamline the process and ensure the consistency of your corporate image.


We endeavour to cover the main points but we usually find that delegates sometimes have a specific requirement they wish to achieve and we are adept at including advice and practical problem solving into each session where required.


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Website design training - any level

Having a fantastic website which promotes your business is an excellent way to communicate directly with a worldwide audience 24/7/365 but it can only be as current as the content in the pages.

At In Sync Design, we can design and produce your site and also maintain and update the content, however, some of our clients prefer to manage their site themselves so that they can make instant alterations for this ever-changing environment. We are able to meet this demand by training you and your staff to make the updates and create new pages yourselves.

So whether you decide to use our design services initially or want to start your site from scratch, we can help you to develop the skills necessary to create and maintain your site in-house.


This training is designed to suit the ability of the individuals at a pace they can cope with. We work on various software alternatives so you don’t necessarily have to invest in expensive software.

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Online software training - any level


Training is available for various web design packages including traditional software such as Dreamweaver (see above) and increasingly popular online options such as WIX and Shopify. This training is specifically useful for our clients that wish to maintain their online shop - you will have the ability to change your prices in real-time - avoiding any costly waiting if your supplier costs should change dramatically. This will ensure you maximise your profit on a minute by minute basis!


This training can be delivered for individuals or a group of employees and can take place on-site at your premises thereby minimising the time taken out of your day-to-day business or alternatively at our offices if preferred.


This training will enable you to design or update your website in-house. We adapt the content to individual requirements ensuring you are taught in a friendly environment at a pace that suits you - with no technical jargon! So please feel free to make an enquiry and once we have discussed the options, we can give you an idea of cost - with no obligation!

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E-commerce training - any level

As they say 'the internet never sleeps!'  With an e-commerce website, customers can purchase your goods or services and obtain your latest news, raising awareness 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.


As people visit your site from a global environment this broadens your opportunities for sales and offers the advantage of enlarging your customer database.

We can train you and your staff to manage your e-commerce website independently. This allows you the flexibility to upload new products and services to meet the demands of your customers, increasing your profits and your market share.

In addition, effective search engine optimisation will reduce advertising and promotional expenditure whilst capturing data for further improvements and enhancements. When undertaken simultaneously, the combined effects mean that you will capitalise on promoting and selling your products and services immediately.


In Sync Design Consultants can offer a wealth of advice regarding the best methods of attracting audiences and creating profitable sales.

Training Testimonials - click to read client feedback > >

E commerce
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