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William Lovell School

School Brochure | Prospectus

William Lovell Prospectus outside.jpg

William Lovell School Prospectus | Brochure

This prospectus was originally designed as a folder to contain further literature that would be subject to frequent changes. We took the photographs just before the school broke up for the summer holidays - so we managed to get some super shots!


The School then went through a few unforeseen developments whilst the design process was underway. Because of this, we adapted the design and printed a very short run without the folder element to provide an interim brochure to see the school through the immediate changes being made. If you have a requirement for a short run or a brochure to last you years - give us a call to discuss your specific project that meets your budget!

William Lovell Prospectus inside.jpg

William Lovell School Prospectus | Brochure

How relevant is your current prospectus? Does it communicate what you are currently teaching? Is your new technology or new department featured?

A good prospectus should represent your core values which cannot be conveyed through a templated 'one size fits all' generic design... In Sync Design always look at the unique selling points of each school and strive to create a prospectus - working with the school staff and pupils - to ensure the end result captures the character and personality of your establishment.

We can offer advice on how your current prospectus can be improved. Give us a call to discuss your ideas and requirements!

William Lovell Prospectus pages.jpg

William Lovell School Prospectus | Brochure

For information subject to frequent changes or updates, we can design brochures in such a way that future amendments can be made without costing the earth.


For more information and ideas on cost-effective marketing, give us a call to discuss your individual needs!

School Photography

Trampoline before & after.jpg

William Lovell School Photography

Sometimes a photograph can be full of life and energy - portraying numerous positive messages that speak a thousand words... Sometimes an image can be enhanced to increase engagement, creating a 'hero' shot whilst, at the same time, removing elements that can cause a distraction - or bring an image back down to earth... quite literally in this case!

Photos before & after.jpg

William Lovell School Photography ~ before & after

When undertaking a photo-shoot, In Sync Design endeavour to fit in with timetables and cause as little disruption to day-to-day activities as possible. Occasionally we spot an opportunity that is too good to miss and yet there's no time to create the 'perfect set'. Luckily we are experts at post-production improvements ensuring every photo has the ability to shine out and compete favourably in the final production.

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