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Photograph - Photo repair, restore, re-colour

Welcome to the photographic repair shop!

Do you have some old family photographs that have faded or been damaged?

Call Adele at In Sync Design Consultants and ask for a quote to repair, restore, and recolour your favourite image. Prices start at around £15 depending on what is needed so this could be an ideal birthday, wedding anniversary or valentines present!

Photo restoration - Repair old damaged & faded photographs

If you have a number of photographs you would like to repair we also offer training to use PhotoShop which may be more beneficial for you in the long run! For more information, go to our training page > >


Double click the images for specific information about each photograph.

Skip to specific image category by clicking on relevant heading below:

Perry 4 after_edited.jpg
Butterfly 4 after_edited.jpg
Stag 1 after_edited.jpg
Photoshop before & after 16_edited.jpg
Old black and white photograph
Photographic retouching
blurred background photograph
add sky airbrush photograph
tidy up photograph
colour photograph to sepia
Improve colour of photograph
Brighten a dull photograph
repair folded photograph
Airbrushed photograph background
add people to photograph
change people in photograph
remove building from photograph
Bring colour back to photograph
repair ripped photograph
bring contrast to old photograph
repair tatty old photograph
faded victorian photograph repaired
faded 1970's colour photographs
loss of colour old photograph
planning application photograph alts
cleaning airbrushing photographs


Farm After_edited.jpg
HK site aerial shot after_edited.jpg
Perry 9 after.jpg
Perry 8 after.jpg
Butterfly 3 after_edited.jpg
Butterfly 2 after_edited.jpg
Perry 4 after_edited.jpg
Perry 3 after.jpg
Perry 2 after_edited.jpg
Butterfly 1 after_edited.jpg

People at work

People at work
Butterfly 6 after_edited.jpg
Butterfly 4 after_edited.jpg
Butterfly 5 after_edited.jpg

Nature examples

Stag 7 after.jpg
Stag 1 after.jpg
BirdParadise land after_edited.jpg
BirdParadise port after_edited.jpg
Stag 5 after_edited.jpg
Stag 4 after_edited.jpg
Giraffe after_edited.jpg
Giraffe 2 after_edited.jpg
Stag 6 after_edited.jpg
Stag 2 after_edited.jpg
People portraits

People portraits

friend stop after_edited.jpg
girl bubbles after_edited.jpg
space hop after_edited.jpg
Group truck 2_edited.jpg
School reading after_edited.jpg
Girl boy after_edited.jpg
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