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Ronin System Solutions

Branding / Logo design

Ronin Logo 1.jpg
Ronin Logo 1.jpg
Ronin Logo 1.jpg

If you have a requirement for a versatile & modern logo or branding system - give us a call to discuss your specific project!

Previous Ronin logo

Above: This is the previous logo used for this South African company. The yellow of the corn/wheat image used for the 'i' is weak and makes the word difficult to read.

New Ronin logo

Above: These are the new logos designed for Ronin System Solutions & Ronin Inventory Management. The 'geo' symbol has been used throughout and are depicted on the sub-brands as shown further down this page. As you can see, the brands are easy to read and are in strong sympathetic colours that will be clearly seen on most backgrounds.

Brand research

Ronin Logo 2.jpg

Previous Ronin logo

Right: These are some of the varients of the old logo used on different forms of marketing ~ you can see the lack of consistency & how difficult it is to read on the different coloured backgrounds. Overall it looks confusing which is not ideal for an international brand.

New Branding System

Ronin Logo 3.jpg

New matching Ronin logos

Right: Once the client had seen the different logos that we had designed, they chose these two new matching logos to move forward.

New Ronin branding system

Right: The design of the two core logos were then applied to the different product areas that the company trade within. Different icons were drawn using the same shapes, line widths and proportions to maintain the corporate theme throughout. 

Ronin Logo 4.jpg

New Branding Sub-System

New Ronin colour palette

Right: The whole branding system works well because of the simplicity of the icons & the fact that they have been created using colours from the same tonal range. It is important that none of them stand out through being too bright or too faint

New Ronin Website

RONIN - WEB 2 before & after.jpg

Above & below: The previous website for Ronin was very cluttered & had the same very long list of products down the left hand side & the same deep banner at the top. This made the pages look the same so the user wouldn't know that the page had changed when a different subject was clicked as the changing information was below the visible area. The site was not on a secure server & wasn't being found on search engines.

Above & below: In Sync Design wrote a report and presented the findings to the client in South Africa. We were then commissioned to develop the new branding system above and offer advice and layout designs that were selected by the client. These were designed in software that allows the site to be viewed easily on any device ~ most importantly ~ the new sites are now hosted on a secure server which ensures that it isn't blocked by firewalls when potential clients search for them.

RONIN - WEB 1 before & after.jpg
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